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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 14, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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glenn beck will be here. in the meantime did you feel mark hannah should have buttoned that last button? i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." i love mark. we do. welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert, the immigration crisis continues to spiral out of control. in the past nine months alone nearly 60,000 illegals have made the journey across the border and appears to be no end in sight. accompanied texas congressman gohmert. they went inside an immigration detention center in texas. and in just a moment congressman gohmert will join us more on the recent search. first we turn to john roberts standing by in mission, texas, tonight with all the latest details. john, what's going on? >> reporter: hey, sean.
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good to see you tonight. we did take an exclusive trip inside the border patrol detention facility. it's the very first time television cameras have been allowed in. and what i found when i went inside was about 460 illegal immigrants from central america. that's down from a peak of 1,500 just a few weeks ago. there has been some improvement there. but still very crowded. they were at capacity. there were a number of so-called family units, mothers with their children or pregnant women, a lot of unaccompanied children and lots and lots of adult men. in fact, in one particular holding area we found about 80 men crammed into a 12 by 20 cell. the reason why the numbers are down at that border patrol facility is because apprehensions are down. this might be a little bit of good news in all of this, sean. the border patrol told me rather than capturing 1200 people every day they're now down to about 6700. it could be because there's typically a seasonal dropoff in july when the heat really gets up. it's about 100 degrees today. it could also be because the media coverage, the message
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gelting out to central america and many people deciding not to make the trip. but there is still a huge problem which we found out when we took an exclusive tour of the border with congressman louis gohmert, republican from texas over the weekend. he is a fierce critic of the president's $3.7 billion emergency request to deal with the border. he says there's a much cheaper, much easier way to deal with that, and that is to simply send people who cross into this country illegally back home. he believes that would end this crisis very quickly and the border patrol union agrees. listen. >> once you start sending people back, the word's going to get out that the message is if you come you're going back and you're wasting your time. therefore it's happened before and once you do that mandatory detention, mandatory removal, everything stops. >> reporter: now, currently unaccompanied children stay in this country for a year or more before they have a detention hearing. the families stay in here a little shorter time, maybe up to about 90 days. new legislation's being
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introduced tomorrow from texas congressman henry and texas senator seek to reduce the amount of time unaccompanied children are in this country by months. and as well the department of homeland security is working to ease the backlog of families. what they're doing is building tension facilities to hold about 6300 of them. they believe, sean, that will allow them to end the practice of sending these family units far and wide across the country where they may just disappear. and of course when you look at all this there's a huge impact to the american taxpayer as well. the intradiction efforts, border security taking care of these illegal migrants, giving them medical care, social services, potentially giving education to the children of those who stay for a long time if not forever and then of course there are a lot of people who will not leave this country who will eventually take jobs that might otherwise, sean, have gone to americans. this is a big problem that long tentacles that will reach for years into the fabric of american society. >> john, a quick question, the 2008 law which you're referring to, that was designed to stop
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the sex trafficking of young kids. that is an easy fix if in fact the democrats would go along with the republicans. also, what about the states where these young kids, unaccompanied kids, are being sent to nebraska, california, illinois, new mexico and others? what do we know about how big those facilities are? >> reporter: well, they won't be substantial facilities that will be able to hold dozens if not hundreds of people. this is where the economic cost comes in. you're seeing a lot of pushback from these states. democrat john hicken looper from colorado, the burden is great enough that this will take away a lot of resources that the states have, particularly social sfrss, medical care and education. if you have an influx of thousands of children never been educated in american schools flooding into the system, that's definitely going to put a burden on things. so, sean, again, this is a problem that even if they end the migration today, the flow across the border, which it doesn't look like there's any hope of doing, this is a problem
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that will linger on for years here in america. >> john roberts in mission, texas, tonight. thank you, john. as i mentioned earlier, congressman gohmert will join us later in the program with more on the dire situation. also breaking tonight, u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl released from taliban captivity after being held for five years is set to return to regular duty today according to u.s. military officials. for the very latest we turn to shannon in washington tonight. >> sean, he has a desk job and freedom to leave base without any escort. but sergeant bowe bergdahl is far from being in the clear. >> there is an all probability court-martial ahead of him with the option of simply walking away with a less than honorable discharge. and at this late stage in the game bergdahl's best move is simply to walk away. >> but bergdahl's critics say that's the last thing they want to see happen. >> i want to make sure that he
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actually faces the real consequenc consequences. that he's not just, you know, classified as awol. because he wasn't awol. we know that the evidence shows he actually deserted. so i'd like to see the military absolute lly live up to that an give him the punishment he deserves. >> rick grinnel stays in close kablgt with the six men who served alongside bergdahl in afghanistan and says to date not one of them has been contacted by the military regarding its investigation into what happened. >> to not interview the very people that were there seems crazy. the only explanation would be that the military absolutely understands that he did desert. >> bergdahl has not been interviewed though that will happen very soon. a source familiar with the investigation up to this point says bergdahl has not been
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classified as having any ongoing emotional damage and not been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. the army says he is free to speak with the media but is declining all requests at this time. sean. >> shannon, a quick question, if every platoon member of bergdahl's is saying the same thing saying he deserted and left of his own accord and they didn't speak to one platoon member and didn't question bergdahl himself about this, how could he go back to active duty under those circumstance sns. >> the army will only say it is an ongoing investigation. that they're working through the process. give them time. and they will do this by the letter of the law. so i guess we have to have confidence that they are doing that. and eventually we know bergdahl's going to be interviewed. and of course everyone else keeping tabs on this is hoping his platoon mates will be as well. >> shannon, thank you. one of bergdahl's platoon members will join us later in the program as will a mother whose son was killed while searching for bergdahl in 2009. that's coming up later tonight on "hannity." in other breaking news tonight,
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attorney general eric holder has yet again thrown down the race card and said some of the criticism thrown at himself and president obama is due to racism. really. watch this. >> there's a certain level of vehement it seems to me that's directed at me, directed at the president, you know, people talk about taking their country back. you know, i can't look into people's hearts, look into people's minds, but it seems to me that this president has been treated differently than others. there's a certain racial component to this for some people. i don't think this is the thing is a main driver, but for some there's a racial anamist. >> sheryl chumly is with us. go back to president bush and all the criticism thrown his way. but your reaction. >> thanks, sean. the rhetoric coming out of the white house right now, the race card being thrown by attorney
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general eric hold er. in 2009 president obama used the race card himself. characterizing police officers stupidly as they were responding to a call at a black harvard university's home before the facts had come out he jumped to the defense of his friend henry gaetds. fast forward, president obama gave an interview with "the new yorker" during which he said he absolutely had no doubt that some in america detested his policies simply because he was a black man occupying the white house. it's hardly president obama just throwing the race card. his wife, michelle obama, in may traveled to topeka, kansas, gave a speech to graduates during which she warned that it's common still in america for people of color to be stopped on the streets simply because of their color. she also just said a few days ago to a latino crowd in new york city that her husband would push immigration reform through with or without congress and
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then went into a whole bunch of sad stories about how she knew hispanics had been discriminated against in america. she specifically spoke of 1929 kkk lynching of hispanics, police brutality and even mentioned how hispanics had to use separate water fountains, one for whites, one for blacks, one for browns. this is not new rhetoric coming out of the white house. but what's even more interesting is just a few days ago the blog rebelijh"it captured on video several blacks in chicago, obama's hometown, rallying in protest of his immigration policies calling him the worst president ever. thank you. >> all right. cheryl, thank you. also developing tonight the islamic extremist group in nigeria, boko haram, has released a video of the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped back in april. the leader is seen on video laughing, making fun of the social media campaign that hash tag campaign that says bring our girls back.
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take a watch and listen. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> here with the details tonight from nigeria, freelance journalist samuel ococha's with us. samuel, tell me more about this. >> yes, that's very true. we woke up to hear the news about the new video from the leader of the boko haram group mocking the bring back our girls social media campaign that's highlighted in the more than 200 zú by the group in northeast nigeria. the leader said the girls would not be freed until the
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fighters held. it's also these coincided with the visits)gwñ ofúdra malala -- video also claims responsibility for a blast that's went off for the very first time. time boko haram has claime'1 responsibility for a bd6iñ attacks has taken place. >> all right. thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it,,g82uñ samuel. coming uonight right here on "hannity". >> i jusnxg want your view is t imagine the united statespt c b
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bombarded not in one city or two ñ but in every city between new york and colorado. >> israeli prime minister vows to use any means necessary to protect the people of israel. ]5seju( next, we have a report from the ground inu@w gaza city also tonight, lieutenant colonel allen west joins us with reaction. and later you'll meet the mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant and find out what she thinks aboutjñhx the o administration handling the chaos on our southern border. that and more as this busy news night on "hannity" continues straight ahead. with this year's largest variety! 'cause it's crabfest at red lobster! dig into a succulent selection of crab entrées. like new crab lover's trio! with sweet snow crab legs, split king crab, and jumbo lump crab over savory shrimp. crab three ways! all on one plate. or try new jumbo lump crab over wood-grilled salmon.
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m aler agency, egypt has proposed a
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cease fire between israel and hamas. this report comes as the growing unrest in the gaza strip reaches an all-time high as israeli ground troops=cña continue to c with hamas militants. reports of over 175 people have been killed and more than 1,000 have been injured in gaza since sides which began six days ago. fox's own john hud diéq7ñ stand by with the very latest from gaza city tonight. john. we saw that fire fight over the weekend early sunday morning. started with small arms fire maybe half a mile up the staying in. started with small arms fire and intensified into heavy artillery and then air strikes. by the way, those air strikes were so close to the location here they were shaking. the concussion from the explosions were shaking the2kíç building. this is a big building. this is a very strongly built building. they were getting very close. the tracer fire was going right over our heads. we thought we were caught in the
7:17 pm
cross fire at one point. &háhp &hc% been steady that we've seen strikes, the air strikes by the israeli air force. more than 1500 locations have been hit since all of this started close to 200 as you mentioned palestinians have been injured. and now more than 17,000 in the various shelters that have been set up here in gaza city and the northern part of gaza. we went to one of those shelters, sean, earlier this afternoon, met some of those people. they said they left their homes so quickly after warnings from the israeli military that the only thing they had waski/i the clothes they were wearing. they are being fed. they have food, water, milk, but many were hoping to go home m.( u$at could happen, sean, as you mentioned. we're hearing egypt may be trying to broker a cease fire agreement between israel;.wñh0 hamas. what we understand is it would be a temporary 12-hour agreement that would go into effect 9:00 a.m. local time here until both sides could meet in cairo, sit
7:18 pm
down and go over terms for a longer term cease fire agreement. but one thing is clear, we have% seen a lotb> john in gaza city tonight. thank you. as>y7 israel continues all-out would do whatever it takes to defend his nation. >> i just want your viewers to imagine the united states being bombarded not in one city or two citiesb9s( but in every&(?x cin new york and colorado. maybe 20% of the united states would be, 80% ofh-8ñ your citiz would have to be in bomb shelters or!h$x ready to go in a minute and a half max. no country can accept that.
7:19 pm
we can't accept that. and we'll take the necessary action to stop it. contributor lieutenant colonel go minister's proposition here and that is that 1,000 rockets have been fired into israeli cities, israel's population, two-thirds, that have had -- they've all had to go to bomb shelters in the last seven days. you literallywámdñ have not for iron dome those thousand rockets have escalated the war and obviously the e5hcasualties. if this were america, how would we react? and why isn't the president out j concise with moral clarity saying we support you, you have the right to defend yourself? i don't hear that out of the president or the administration. >> no, you're absolutely right, sean. it's a good pleasure to be with you.
7:20 pm
declaration of the president.y as a matter of fact one of his special assistants, phillip gordon, was there ink israel lat week -- >> he blamed israel. >> absolutely. up. we must understand is hamas is a nonstate, nonuniformlçua blijt . jpá the tablg talking about having negotiations. the only negotiation should be the totalxzoxñ elimination of h because its charter talks about the complete destruction and killing of every jewish citizen, man, woman and child, and the destruction of israel. so how are you going to negotiate a cease fire with this type of group? all thep/9 doing is buying time to replenish the 1,000ç s rocke they just expended. and those rockets and armaments were destroyed. >> ijyñ can you help me out? why does>+okáhe united states o america fund this hamas coalition government? we're giving them money.
7:21 pm
why would we do that -- to our closest ally in the region.)á you mentioned phillip, blamingq israel for occupation of the west bank. that is the exact language of the palestinians. whose side are we going to be on here? >> that is the rhetorical question, whose side is barack obama on? obviously phillip gordon is stating that in israel he is speaking for the administration, for the president. you know, sean, as soon as mahmoudfrs abass and the origin palestinian terrorist organization went into a reconciliation pact and signed an agreement with hamas, we should have cut off all funding and resource support to the palestinian authority over in the west bank. but we're not sending that clear and decisive message. we're not2g÷jt)jt the strength of leadership we should have coming from the white house. this is the symbol of weakness. happening in the
7:22 pm
middle east, why you have the islamic state, the caliphate, because we are seen being in a position of not having any effect dñçdwhatsoever especiall when the president said we were going to pivot from the middle east. >> colonel, this is the second time we've done this. we gave mohamed morsi, former head of the muslim brotherhood, we gave at one point $5 billion, now we're funding the hamas coalition and palestinian authority. i got to tell you something, i don't think this administration either understands radical islamists or cares to deal with the situation here. isn't thissu a moment whé2f we ought to be showing moral clarity, that we have a common enemy, that they want to destroy israel, that's first and foremost. then they want to go after the west and the united states. isn't that the reality of radical2ñ? islamists right now? >> yeah, that is. and when you look at the support to the muslim brotherhood and mohamed morsi and the fact that the obama administration withholding support to the current egyptian government for
7:23 pm
the ouster of mohamed morsi and the real strong, you know, condemnation of the muslim brotherhood. but also we have an administration that lent armament support and resource support to islamist rebels in libya. so we have a very confusing middle east policy. it seems that we are supporting islamists. we are giving them the advantage and the upper hand by material resource support, financial support, and that is what is confusing many of the people in the middle east such as israel and also egypt who are potentially looking elsewhere for spoth. >> all right. thank you, lieutenant colonel. coming up, the influx of immigrants crossing our southern borders not slowing down. new report surfaced that authorities are fientding dead children who tried to "cross the rio grand." and ranchers are finding the same thing. and texas congressman gohmert went inside a border patrol station to see firsthand how the unaccompanied children are being processed.
7:24 pm
and later bowe bergdahl set to return to active duty and we get reaction from the member of the platoon he deserted. and you'll meet the mother who lost a son in the search for bergdahl and why they put him back to active duty. we'll get to that question and answer straight ahead. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points.
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at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us. welcome back to "hannity." my next guest tragically lost an illegal immigrant killed him in a crash. she's making her voice heard in the hopes of never letting this happen again. in a powerful letter to president obama she wrote about the man who said "this man happened to be an illegal immigrant, in this country illegally, convicted of previous crimes, no social security number, no valid driver's license, but he purchased a vehicle and registered to drive in maricopa county, arizona.
7:27 pm
i had my son's life stolen from me by a man who didn't value his life, was three timess]4añ the limit drunk, was high on meth and had no business being in this country. here is mary ann, welcome to the program. i'm very sorry what happened to your son. >> thank you, sean. >> okay. you wrote this letter to the president. when did you write it? have you gotten any response? do you expect a response? >> i worked on it for the last two weeks, sent it last wednesday. i have not heard a response. and quite frankly i don't expect to. >> yeah. let's talk about your son. let's talk about this because one of the issues that we're discovering is that a lot of the illegals in this country they have pasts, criminal pasts. number two, they even have criminal records in the u.s. but even when they're caught they're let go. was that the case with this man? >> yes, he was convicted in 1994. they did not catch up with him to actually press the charges on him until 2002 when he was
7:28 pm
trying to cross the border. they took him back up to colorado. they were lenient on him, dismissed assault, burglary, leaving the scene of an accident, left a conspiracy to commit fraud, but he never spent any jail time. >> so in other words he's in the country illegally, he's committing crimes, serious crimes. they let him go and then he gets a car and kills your son. i mean, i would feel betrayed by my government at that point. >> i am. and i feel like obama is wanting to raise the level of crimes that people can commit in this country before they're deported, which is really lowering the standards of what the american people expect of immigrants coming into our country. >> yeah. i can't imagine there's anything more painful than losing a child. >> brandon was an intricate part of my family. he was a spoke out of my wheel that's missing now. he was a huge part of this community. had a huge impact on children
7:29 pm
and families who were illegal immigran immigrants. and the farthest thing that i want people to think is that i'm racist. i have always taught my children and i've always lived by you don't look at a person's skin color, you look at the way they conduct their life. >> but yet that's the way the debate in the country's being framed. what's your reaction to that? >> as far as my situation? >> well, no, i mean in other words it seems that -- we'll get into this later in the show and talk about it more often in the days to come, but the attorney general thinks criticism of the president and him is based on racism, but it seems anybody that wants to enforce the law of the land and send people back that don't respect our laws and sovereignty somehow that's race related. how do you react to that charge? >> that's the easy way out. and that's an easy way to deflect what the real problem is. and it's been a continual problem all through history. this is the way it goes whenever
7:30 pm
we're talking about illegals and people entering our country illegally. there has to be something changed. it's never going to happen the way the administration is going about it. it's not. >> mary ann, i hope you get the response you deserve. i'm very sorry about your son. thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. and joining us now with reaction to that story and to give us a firsthand account of what he saw on the border with john roberts, our reporter over the weekend, texas congressman louie gohmert. i was down there last week. i saw a lot. while i was there there was a group of ten that was stopped from entering illegally and another group of seven from el sal ra dor that got in illegally. what tid you see? >> well, we saw wave after wave after wave of people coming in. and at one point our border patrol -- i mean, i'm sure you developed a great respect for what they put up with and what they do. they just quietly keep going about doing their job. but at one point we were driving through those back roads down by the river.
7:31 pm
you know, miles away from hard tops. and we went for about an hour and a half down along the river before we saw border patrolman. we did happen to see two look outs jump off a cage over, you know, like ten feet or so up. >> look out for the other side? >> no, no, actually, sean, these were on the american side just about, you know, 30 yards from the river. but there's a pump station that was covered with a big cage. cage. there are also a couple of tanks they like to get on top of where they can see things coming. they saw my vehicle and jumped off. they were shocked to see it because they had just seen border patrolman go by. but think about it, sean, if you're the drug cartel, people are paying you to get you across the river. you may pull some off into sex trafficking and human trafficking for illegal
7:32 pm
purposesbut you control when they cross, where they cross, the coyotes don't want to be caught. as you learned. but you send several different groups, you tie up our border patrolman at the same time, you know how long it takes to go through that list of questions. it's not unusual to think that, gee, we're in the business of getting drugs into america, we have this amount of time now that we've tied them up with these folks. >> louie. >> i mean, it is a disaster. we need to have the national guard and more border patrol guards there. >> you have these guys -- they're not even willing to go home because of all the health issues they're facing on a daily basis. >> that's right. >> and 70% of them can't do their job of patrolling the border because they're doing paperwork and helping those kids that are in these facilities. >> yeah, that's right. >> in texas you heard from this mother, 642,000 crimes committed against texans in the last seven
7:33 pm
years. >> that's right. and over 100,000 criminals. and then you've heard this administration has released tens of thousands of people they knew were criminals. and that means the chances are good they go out and commit crimes again. that's insane. they are putting more and more people at risk just as the dear mother you just heard from. i mean, they are -- there are crimes being committed that wouldn't be committed if these people were down there. and you point out the border patrol, you know, they're tied up. some of them are down there near the ÷8#aborder, but they have t bring the people to a staging area. and then have them send on up for their temporary detention. but, sean, until we start sending some people home, then that wave is just going to keep coming. one night it was probably about boy he said -- and he was a sweet kid. and i'd give him a little snack. he was obviously hungry.
7:34 pm
and he was following me around. and i said to one of the fox reporters, or camera men, what's he saying to me? sweet kid. he was asking, are you going to stay here until everybody comes? and i said, no. he said it would be a long time because there are thousands of us waiting to come. >> all right, louiew%c5 gohmert >> we got to stop it. >> thank you so much for being with us for that report. we appreciate it. coming up, the army has announced that sergeant bowe bergdahl will return to active duty. so one of the men who served alongside him in afghanistan think about this move apparently at the army they never talked to one of his platoons? members. we'll talk to one of them next plus a mother whose son died while searching for bowe. and should catholic priests be allowed to wed? that and more as "hannity" continues. ♪
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that it's given me time toabout reflect on some of life'seen biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. welcome back to "hannity." the u.s. army announced today that recently freedcty taliban p.o.w. bowe bergdahl who afghanistan in 2009 will return to active duty. he'll live in the army barracks and do administrative work at a base in san antonio. last month the army announced there was no evidence of misconduct by bergdahl while in captivity, but the investigation
7:40 pm
int5c3fq circumstances surrounding his disappearance and his capture, well, they're still ongoing. here with reaction tonight to the breaking news a man who served alongside bowe bergdahl in afghanistan is with and sandra andrews is with us. her son was killed while searching for sergeant :asz!19ñ thank you both for being here. appreciate it. cody, let me start with you. did they talk to you or any of your platoon mates about the circumstances under which he left? did they do an investigation? >> at/"÷ the time of his disappearance, yes, wnse all involved in the original investigation. since general dahl has been announced three and a half weeks ago he is the leader of the new investigation onto whyoñ$vñ ber deserted, he has not contacted any of us. >> in other words -- >> nobody in platoon. >> nobody in the platoon has circumstances under which he left? because i had the platoon leader on the show who said he heard a
7:41 pm
radio transmission from local people that said he was looking for the taliban. true? 4+cx/áp#ficking, yes. he did confirm he did hear that. >> what is the reaction? what is your reaction to the fact he's going back to active duty? >> well, you know, it's just reports haven't been confirmed yet by the army. i'm still surprised we have yet to be reached out to by general doll. because if you dow%;wñ an to hear both sides of the story. he's had plenty of time for the investigation three and a half weeks to at least reach out to us and say, rg? know, hey, i will be contacting you at a certain time. and we haven't got any of that. >> sandra, your son was one of a number of people that died in the search, the ongoing search for sergeant bergdahl. what is your reaction to today's news? >> i wasukñt really surprised. i was. thought why would he be going to
7:42 pm
work when he's -- you know, they suspect he deserted. usually you would think he would bey"bbñ incarcerated in the bri somewhere until that was investigated. because we do have some evidence thatmi6# suggests that i would e suggests he should not be put back to active duty. one is sergeant bergdahl slamming the u.s. army in an u.s. army is the biggest joke in the worldvna/z that the world h laugh at, the army of liars, back stabbers, fools, bullies. a few good sergeants are getting out as early as they can and telling a few of us privates to do the same. and in an e-mail to his parents he wrote he's ashamed of america, i'm sorry for everything here. these people need help. and what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they're nothing and that they're stupid. i'm ashamed to be an american. and the title of u.s. soldier is just a lie of fools.
7:43 pm
i'm sorry for everything, the horror that is america is disgusting. and he's going to get a check for $350,000, cody? >> well, you know, i think, you know, the army needs to do abide by the army values. and he needs to face consequences for his actions. not only is it a slap in the face to all the men and women who have served honorably, who have held their oath, and it's also a bad precedent to set towards future service members that, you know, hey, i can join the military and do whatever i want and get away with it. >> there's enough information here that tells me he should not be on active duty. and sandra lost a son over this. guys, we'll stay on the story, i promise. thank you both for being with us. coming up next, pope francis speaks out, should priests be allowed to marry? according to a report pope francis might be open to the
7:44 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." in a recently releax-o interview pope francis flirted with the idea of the celibacy requirement for priests in the catholic church saying the mandatory
7:49 pm
celibacy is a problem and vowed to find a solution. here now dr. richard land, father jonathan morris. welcome to both of you. so there are 400,000-plus priests and thinks about 2% of them are involved in this pedophilia scandal, right? >> he said the numbers he had been given from his people, the same article that reported it, keep in mind, sean, bbc, said that the general population has 5% -- the same exact]cwñ artic >> that's true. >> 1% is way too many. one situation is way too many. but keep that in mind. >> it's around 8,000 priests of the 400,000-plus. >> have been accused credibly. very few have been convicted. unfortunately very few have been if your honored in. >> of all the apostles, all but one was married, right? >> are you making the connection between sexual abuse and
7:50 pm
celibacy? >> no. >> sean, the fact that somebody's wife dies, does that ;= of a sudden make the pedophile? the fact i'm not married does that make me a pedophile? >> you're interpreting things i'm not!i;ssbçñ do you believe the pope is opening the door for potential marriage as one solution? >> he's interested or leaves open to opening the conversation he did this interview with it,ø keep in mind a 90-year-old atheist journalist he became friends with. they spent an hour together. thev8u? journalist did not have recording device or take notes. this interview you have to take with a grain of salt the pope doesn't talk about these things so yes, there is ax opening of -- >> of all of the apostles there
7:51 pm
were 12 mens >> jesus decided not to get married. >> i understand. >> peter was anñ the pope is a direct descendent, we believe of the church. for a thousand years priests werers:÷ allowed to get married >> how many decided not to. that also supported by the church. jesus said marriage is a very, very good thing. >> he said don't burn. >> and in the catholic church, ñ celibacy is not doctrine or something that cannot change. it's a possibility. >> let me go to go. i think father morris is right in a sense i don't connect the two. >> no. >> but the pool of potential priests is greatly reduced because of the celicaby issue. >> i'm not an expert buti0 i wod
7:52 pm
think that. catholic seminaries i've talked to, i don't believe celibacy shoulding required for the priesthood. i don't think noncelibacy should c# required for protestant ministry. there is a clause difficult for pastors to get churches if they don't have a wife. i think god gifts of gift of celibacy to some for his kingdom's sake i felt it's the easiest gift to be given or you don't. i don't. >> you obviously don't. all right. here is the question. do you think, father morris priests should be able to get married to increase the pool of candidates? candidates? .9ñ might b connected is that maybe you'd be able to weed out -- maybe if church has more options of people, becomes harder to become a priest because there are many people that want to be a priest.
7:53 pm
>> i should first clarify by saying nobody should be allowed l/,1 there aren't very many candidates even though they >>. no. no. do you think the church would overlook, see quirky, maybe not a personality that might be -- >> a agree the conversation should be open, more out in the open. but to discuss issues. >> you're open? >> absolutely. >> i think it should be discussed thoroughly. it's a big deal. i would not have become a priest, i don't think, if i could have had a family the reason i would dedicate myself 100% to my family. i have been called to give up everything. who knows? if they change it, sean, we'll see. >> you might start dating? >> that is not what i'm saying. >> very good.
7:54 pm
>> last word richard? >> i think the main reason they should discuss this, and and i think change it is that there are people called to god's service i would not want to deprive of the unique joys of t1 husband, and being a father as well as being a local parish pastor. >> yes. >> balanced and respecialful. i love you for that and the great work for your church. >> appreciate what you do as well. >> on that happy note, a prayer. coming up more "hannity" straight ahead, right after the break. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel like a knot. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like bricks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation
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>> that is all the time we have left this evening. record "hannity" the series start your day with fox and
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friends. theny2ok steve, brian elizabeth 6:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i have never ever taken a position that is more right than this. >> i'm going down on the border. >> glenn beck says is he going down to the mexican border and also says he is getting death threats beck will be here tonight. >> we should be afraid of this court that five guys should start determining what contraceptions are legal. >> megyn kelly puts forth that nancy pelosi may be making sexist statements. ms. megyn will also join us. >> president obama won overwhelmingly here. do you guys want to apologize? >> no. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> watters heading for perhaps the most liberal state in the union, vermont. >> i don't belie